Tweak Add Firefox Profile Manager Shortcut to "Start | Programs"

As you may know, there is no shortcut to the Profile Manager in
START | PROGRAMS, when you INSTALL Firefox. The shortcut must be created
manually. Below is how it is done in Windows:

If you have INSTALLED Firefox there will be a listing in START | PROGRAMS.
Select the START button | Programs | Mozilla Firefox
RIGHT click on Mozilla Firefox in the Sub-folder, and select: Create Shortcut
This will create "Mozilla Firefox (2)" shortcut
RIGHT click on "Mozilla Firefox (2)" and select PROPERTIES
In the Target line will be the path to the executable
Similar to: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
Edit this line to read:
"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -p
(note there is a space between the last quotation mark ( " ) and the -p
(the -p is not case sensitive, however the Profile Name is case sensitive.)
Select: Apply | OK

Right click the shortcut
Select: Rename
Rename the shortcut to "Firefox Profile Manager".

If you are running from a ZIP file, there is NO reference to Firefox or Thunderbird in the Programs folder:

Create a shortcut of the *.exe file of either program.
(Located in the folder to which you unzipped the application.)
Right click the shortcut
Select: Copy
Right click on Start
Select: Open
Paste the shortcut in the Programs list

Right click the shortcut
Select: Rename
Rename the firefox.exe/thunderbird.exe file to:
Firefox/Thunderbird Profile Manager, or whatever you wish.

Right click the shortcut
Click on the Shortcut tab
To the end of the Target path, add one space, then -p
Your path will be where you installed the application.
E.G., C:\Program Files\firefox\firefox.exe -p


If you have problems, then post your questions on the:

WindowsBBS Netscape and Mozilla Forum.
SillyDog701 Netscape and Mozilla Forum

I'm a Moderator on the Forums, and along with the other informed Netscape and Mozilla users and members,
will be happy to provide you with any further assistance you might require.


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