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You can suppress new windows generated by target="new" (HTML code used by the Web author) by entering this setting in about:config.

To add the setting to about:config:

Clear the Location Bar
Type: about:config
Right click anywhere on the page
Select: New | String
Paste the following for the preference name: browser.block.target_new_window

Type: true for the string "value"

Restart your browser to ensure this tweak is added to prefs.js.


From Surpressed Windows Revisited - Firefox:

If you're like me, then you hate it when people use target="_blank". If you've installed Firefox 1.0 and are wondering why the suppress new windows advanced pref no longer works, it's because it's been overridden by a new advanced pref.


Credits to these Web Authors:

Block Target Link
Surpressed Windows Revisited - Firefox
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