Create "Unsent" Folder in Default Email Account
(Update: 07/05/04)

Below is a workaround for creating an Unsent Folder in the Default Mail Account Folder. Netscape saves unsent messages in the Unsent directory of the Local Folders, rather than in the Unsent folder of the Default Mail Account. This workaround will correct this bug.

Back up your prefs.js file before making the edit.

Clear the Location Bar
Type in: "about:config"
Scroll down to this preference: mail.default_sendlater_uri
Modify the "Value" to read: mailbox://< username >@< servername >/Unsent%20Messages

< username > and < servername > as they appear on "Edit | Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings | < account > | Server settings

To modify the "Value" right click on the preference
Select: "Modify"

The entry will be similar to this, using Earthlink as an example:

Use the "Server name" and not the email Address.

Credit to: Jeroen Peters

To add to Jeroen's hack, you will not see the "Unsent Folder" until you compose a message, and use the File | Send Later option, in Mail & Newsgroups.


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