Separating Mozilla & Netscape Profiles Folders XPCOM.DLL Hack

The Profile Directory location is controlled by the Registry.dat file. In order to separate the Mozilla and Netscape profiles, you must have separate registry.dat files for each program. The registry.dat file location for Mozilla is set in the xpcom.dll file.

The following is a hack found on the Mozillazine Forum. All credits go to Gilles, for the original hack. I have gone into more detail, than included in the original thread, for the sake of thoroughness. This hack is for Advanced Users, Only:

Brussels, Belgium

Quick hack to have Netscape 7 & Mozilla use separate Profile Directories:


1. Do a "Find" for xpcom.dll and back up the Mozilla xpcom.dll file
    (Make a note of the file location.)
2. Make a copy of the xpcom.dll backup, and use this copy for the hexadecimal editing
3. Open the xpcom.dll backup in your favorite hexadecimal editor
4. In the Edit | Find window, ensure that "Match case" is enabled, as the Edit is case sensitive.
5. Search for the string "Mozilla". There are two instances of "Mozilla" and should be replaced
    (renamed) using only 7 (seven) characters.
6. Save the edited xpcom.dll file
7. Edit completed

Copy the edited xpcom.dll file to the appropriate Mozilla folder location
It will overwrite the Original xpcom.dll file, so ensure that you still have a backup of the unedited xpcom.dll file

Open Mozilla
Open Windows Explorer
Browse to the ~\Applicata Data Folder.
You will now see two Profile Folders, as follows:

Mozilla, which will contain the Netscape 7.xx Profile
Your renamed Folder, which will contain the Mozilla 1.xx Profile.

See THIS PAGE for Screen Shots.


In the event you have no hexadecimal editor, I recommend Free Hex, Version 1.0.156. This small editor is more than adequate for most needs.

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