"Remember Password" Setting Not Retained

If the Password Manager does not retain the setting to "Remember Password", run through the below check list for a possible solution:

Ensure that you have enabled "Remember Password"

Click the "Manage Stored Passwords" button and delete passwords that pertain to the account(s). Then restart Netscape, and access the account(s). The Password Manager should prompt for saving them again.

Use Windows "Find" to locate the prefs.js file.
Right-click, select Properties
Check the File Attributes, and verify that it has not been flagged "READ ONLY".

If you are running Window Washer, or a similar program, and it is configured to delete the form folder, disable.

If you are still running Netscape 7.0 and using the Privacy script:
user_pref("network.http.sendRefererHeader", 0);
change the O to 1 and see if it works.

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