Moving Profiles From PC to PC and/or OS to OS

On the Windows 95/98, or PC #1:

  1. Start Netscape / Mozilla
  2. Clear your Netscape / Mozilla cache
    (Edit | Preference | Advanced | Cache | then click "Clear Cache" button)
  3. Clear your Netscape / Mozilla History
    (Edit | Preference | Navigator | History | then click "Clear History" button)
  4. Open Mail & Newsgroups, empty the Trash folder, and Compact Mail
  5. Repeat these steps for each profile.
  6. Exit Netscape / Mozilla
  7. Next:   open Windows Explorer and using WinZip, or any Zip Program, and Zip the entire Profiles folder
    Do this for each Profile
    Copy the zipped Profile(s) folder(s) to CD, or whatever storage media you use

On the New Windows 2000 / Windows XP PC, or PC #2

  1. Assuming that the OS has been installed and running, with the internet connection correctly configured:
    Install Netscape / Mozilla
    The Profile Manager will open
  2. Click on:   "Create Profile," use the same Profile name as the Profile on PC #1.
  3. EXIT the Profile Manager, don't start Netscape / Mozilla
  4. Open Windows Explorer
    From the Tools menu select:   Folder Options | View tab
    Under "Hidden files and folders" select "Show hidden files and folders". Click "OK".
    Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files"
  5. Next:
    Copy the zipped Profile folder to the HD on PC #2
    *NOTE: the Profile path will be different than that of PC#1, e.g., if moving from an older OS to new. An edit of the prefs.js file will be necessary to update the path.
  6. Unzip (expand) the PC #1 Profiles folder to the Mozilla Profiles folder on PC #2, located here:
    C:\Documents and Settings\WinXP_profile_name\Application Data\Mozilla

  7. Open WordPad, and then File | Open, and navigate to the prefs.js file
       Use WordPad, as it has a "Find" and "Replace" feature
       The prefs.js file is located in the salted (*.slt) folder
  8. Change the PC #1 path:
    C:\\Windows\\Application Data\\Mozilla\\Profiles\\myNSProfile\\abcd1234.slt
    C:\\Documents and Settings\\WinXP_profile_name\\Application Data\\Mozilla\\Profiles\\myNSProfile\\abcd1234.slt
  9. In WordPad click on Edit | "Find"
    When the first instance of the OLD path is found, then click on Edit | "Replace", and copy the new path in the "Replace with" field
    Now click on "Replace All", and each instance of the OS path of PC #1 will be replaced with
    the OS path of PC #2.
    When all paths have been changed, then click on File | Save
  10. NOTE:  use double back slashes \\  in the Profile Paths.

  11. Follow the same steps for each Profile
  12. Open Netscape / Mozilla and your Profile should be recognized.

*If you are moving a Netscape 7.2, or Mozilla 1.7.x, or later Profile, then all that's necessary is to copy the Profiles folder to the Mozilla folder, replacing the existing Profiles folder. There is a new feature in the Mozilla 1.7.x code, on which Netscape 7.2 is based, which has support for relative paths for mail folders in prefs.js. This enables the user to copy profiles from PC to PC, etc., without having to edit the prefs.js.

If you experience problems, then post your questions on the
WindowsBBS Netscape and Mozilla Forum.

I'm the Moderator on the Forum, and along with the other informed Netscape and Mozilla users, and members, will be happy to provide
you with any further assistance you might require.


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