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Subject: Re: Move Profile
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 22:53:12 -0500
From: Chris L
Organization: Netscape Champions
Newsgroups: netscape.mozilla.user.win3

On 05/21/2002 10:42 PM, Chris L Enlightened Us With The Following Comment:

I used to take a profile and easily move it to a directory I wanted it in with NS 4.7.... How do I move the Profiles from the crazy place they reside by default in XP ?? I tried to simply move it but RC2 could not find it. I did not see any built in options\settings either. I need all my general data and mail in one folder for backup purposes. NS 4.7 worked great. Hope Moz will as well in this regard.

Chris L

You can't move the primary profile. However, you can create a second profile in another location of your choice and then re-create your first profile, etc. Afterwards, you can delete the first profile.

Jay Garcia - Netscape Champion

The same would apply for Netscape 7.x


I would like to add my personal experience to this page.

Because I found it incredibly inconvenient to have the Netscape 7, and Mozilla Profiles in the
C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles folder, I decided to do the following, as more
or less described above by Jay Garcia:

Create a new Profile for Netscape 7, place it in the
C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape folder
Copy all pertinent data from old Profile to New Profile

Create a new Profile for Mozilla, place it in the
C:\Program Files\ folder
Copy all pertinent data from Old Profile to New Profile
The following files would be my suggestions for "pertinent data":

All Mail files [u]without the MSF extension[/u] - These files contain the Mail
All Mail folders with an SBD extension - These folders contain the Subfolders
[u]Do not copy the files with MSF extensions in the subfolders.[/u]
msgFilterRules.dat - Message Filters for the current server

xxxxxxxx.s - Password data
xxxxxxxx.w - Form Fill data
abook.mab - Address Book
bookmarks.html - Bookmarks
cookies.txt - Cookies
cookperm.txt - Cookie Manager/Cookie Permissions
custom.dic - Dictionary
history.mab - Collected Addresses
key3.db - Security Certificates (if applicable)
loginNames-aim.rdf - if applicable
loginNames-icq.rdf - if applicable
mailViews.dat - Current Message Views
panels.rdf - Panel displayed in the Sidebar
search.rdf - Search Plugins in the Sidebar
training.dat - Junk Mail training data
user.js - If you have created the file, if not disregard
usercontent.css - If you have created the file, if not disregard
userchrome.css - If you have created the file, if not disregard

After using the NEW Profile(s) for a few days, and experiencing no problems:

Move the OLD Profiles for both Netscape 7, or Mozilla from the C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles, to your Backup Folder.
Delete the Profiles Folder in C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles, leaving the Mozilla Folder intact, and containing two files: pluginreg.dat and registry.dat. Do not remove these two files from the Mozilla Folder.

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