Corrupt, or Disappearing Netscape 7 / Mozilla Address Book

If the Address Book is corrupt for any reason, or disappears due to a crash, the following procedures should allow you to retrieve the Address Book data:

With Netscape/Mozilla, and Quick Launch closed:
Backup the Address Book file: abook.mab

Next: open the Address Book using Notepad
Look for any obvious signs of corruption, such as long lines, blank spaces or binary garbage like this: 0OZΎPsTG{A` oO͑ZHoqm晿
This is most likely to appear at the end of the Address Book file. If found, delete the lines
Click on File | Save, and close the Address Book
Now Open Netscape and the Address Book
Can you now access the Address Book?
Credits to:
Denis Mosset, MozillaZine Forum

If no joy, then try the below workaround:

With Netscape/Mozilla closed:
Rename the abook.mab file to Xabook.mab.
The file is is found in:
C:\Windows\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\username\xxxxxxxx.slt
Depending on your OS

Open Netscape/Mozilla, and then open the Address Book
Netscape/Mozilla will create a pristine Address Book
Now close Netscape/Mozilla.

With Notepad, open the newly created abook.mab file

The Notepad display will have approximately 25 lines of header information, as listed below:

< <(a=c)> // (f=iso-8859-1)
{1:^80 {(k^BE:c)(s=9)}

Next: delete the data highlighted in RED.
Leave ONE blank line

Open the renamed Address Book: Xabook.mab

The first 25 lines will read as those listed above
At the end of these lines: (B5=Custom1)(B6=Custom2)(B7=Custom3)>
Highlight and copy ALL data from that point to the end of the file

Now paste this data into the NEW abook.mab file, after the one blank line
Click File | Save and exit the NEW abook.mab file

Restart Netscape/Mozilla

Open the new Address Book, and all your addresses should appear in the newly created Address Book.

Updated: 02/29/04

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