Transfer Netscape / Mozilla Mail Files to New Profile

See: Profile Folder Locations

To move the Mail Account files to the new Profile location:

With Netscape / Mozilla, and Quick Launch closed, open Windows Explorer:
Copy the files with no .msf extensions in the Netscape, or Mozilla Mail Account folder
      (Inbox, Drafts, Templates, Sent)
Paste the files with no .msf extensions in the new Profile's Mail Account folder:
< path >\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\profilename\xxxxxxxx.slt\Mail\

Copy all SBD (subfolders) to the new Profile, as they contain your subfolders.
      Also delete the MSF files in these folders.

Caution: these files will replace any existing files in the new Mail Account folder.
You may first want to rename the Netscape, or Mozilla Mail files. E.G., rename Inbox to OldInbox, etc. The renamed files will appear in the Netscape / Mozilla Mail. This will ensure that you lose no existing mail.

Back up all Mail Folders before doing this edit. Better safe than sorry!


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