Change the Order of Mail Account Listing
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With Netscape closed:

Back up your prefs.js file

Open the prefs.js file in Notepad
Scroll down to this script:

NOTE: Your account numbers may be listed in a different order, depending on the number of accounts you have.

Each Mail Account will have an "ID", and that is how you can determine the order in which you wish to place the accounts.

Account1 (ID1) = your default account, i.e., the first account created
sets account1 as the default account, and displays account1 first.

Account2 (ID2) = your Local Folders, and by default will be listed last

As you create additional accounts, they are assigned "id3","id4", "id5", etc.

To determine the Account Number and associated display names:

Close Netscape
Open Notepad
Browse to the prefs.js file located in:
C:\Windows\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\profilename\xxxxxxxx.slt
(Depending on your OS)
Edit this script:
to read:

Open Netscape Mail, and note the first (default) display name.
You will see Local Folders (Account2) listed as the default account.

Close Netscape
Open Notepad and browse to prefs.js
Edit the script again:
to read:

Continue this process until you have identified, and associated the display name with all the Account numbers

It may take some experimenting to get the rest of the account ID's in the correct numbered order. Once you have determined the Account ID numbers, then you can edit the prefs.js file, and add your preferred order of accounts to the script below:

NOTE OF CAUTION: If these scripts are added to the user.js file, be cautioned that it will be necessary to edit the user.js file in the event that an Account is either added or deleted. Netscape will make the changes to the prefs.js file. It will be necessary for you, the user, to incorporate the change into the user.js file.

Step 1.

Open about:config
Type " . name" (without quotes ) in the filter box
NOTE the leading "." before "name"

Scroll past the font settings to:

Sort display on "status
This will display all the "user set"- "server" for each account

E.g., - Value= displayed name

Note the "server#" as this will be used to arrange the accounts in the order you want.

Step 2.

Type "accountmanager" (without quotes) in the filter box
Account # = server #

This will display the account display order:
Setting a "default account" places that account first on the display list, the remainder of accounts will be displayed in the order of " mail.accountmanager.accounts"


If you have set account 4 as default, the display order will be:
account 4
account 1
account 3
account 5
account 6
and so on...

Edit the value line to reflect the order that you want. Please note that "Local Folders" will be displayed as indicated above. If the settings are not as you wish, restore the backup of the prefs.js file to the *.slt (salted) folder.

Kudo's to captjlddavis
Netscape Navigator Forum

I personally recommend this procedure. I was able to determine each Mail & Newsgroup Account number and ID, then place the Accounts in my preferred order.


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