Startup Configuration Warning: Syntax Error

On Netscape startup, if you are receiving the following error:

"Configuration Warning
An error occurred reading the startup configuration file.
Please contact your administrator. line XXX:Syntax Error. Illegal character."

The problem is with your prefs.js file, which is located in your profile folder.
(See locations of the Profile Folder for specific OS')
Profiles Folder Location for Netscape 7.xx

First, try correcting the problematic line/script:

With Netscape closed (including Quick Launch):
Navigate to the prefs.js file in your salted (*.slt) folder
Right-click the file and select "Edit"
Look for that incomplete line/script referenced in the error and correct it
All lines/scripts in the prefs.js file should folow this exact format:
      user_pref(" ...... ");

NOTE: The script begins with "user_ pref" and ends with a semi-colon " ; "
Save the file and restart Netscape.

If correcting the script was unsuccessful, then the below workaround should correct your problem:

With Netscape closed (including Quick Launch):
Browse to your salted folder (*.slt)
Look for a file named prefs.bak
If there, delete prefs.js
Rename prefs.bak to prefs.js

If prefs.bak doesn't exist
Delete prefs.js (with Netscape open)

It is not uncommon for the prefs.bak file to also be corrupt, especially if the program has been closed and reopened, or if you have rebooted your PC. In the event this is the case, then delete prefs.js with Netscape open. Then close Netscape, at which time a new prefs.js file will be written.

Once you have a working prefs.js file, I highly recommend backing up the Profiles Folder on a regular basis. Then if you should incur another corruption of the file, you will have a pristine backup to use.

If the problematic line/script has been included in the user.js file, the error will be repeated until also corrected in that file.

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