How to Back Up Your Profile

Backing up your Profile is essential in the event that Netscape, or your OS may crash, causing the loss of Profile data. Backing up the entire Profiles Folder is the recommended approach, if hard drive space is not an issue. The frequency of backups would depend on the frequency of changes you make in your Preferences, Bookmarks, Address Book, etc. If you make daily changes in your Profile, then make daily backups, etc. Create a "Backup" Folder on your HD for this purpose. Do not, however, back up the Cache Folder. Before backing up your Profiles Folder, delete the entire Cache Folder. Netscape rebuilds this Folder each time it is deleted.

There are two additions to backing up the entire Profiles Folder:
1.   Export all Address Books as an LDIF file, and save it to your "Backup" Folder.
2.   If you share a Bookmarks File (bookmarks.html) between Profiles, or between Netscape/Mozilla, then back it up also.

For the new user, "making a backup" is not a familiar term, and there is uncertainty in how it is accomplished. To back up the Profiles Folder, one would simply right click the Folder, select "Copy". Next, browse to the newly created "Backup" Folder, right click, and select "Paste". If HD space is an issue, but you have storage media such as a CD-RW, Zip drive, or only floppy disks, then you can back up the following specific data:

To back up your mail messages, save the files without MSF extensions, for example Inbox, Drafts, Templates, etc. Also save the rules.dat file. The *.msf files are summary, or index files, and will be rebuilt automatically.

CAUTION: In the event you should have to replace your mail messages, they will replace any existing files in the new Mail folder. You may first want to rename the backup Mail files, e.g., change Inbox to OldInbox, etc. The renamed files will appear in the Netscape 7.0x Mail. This will ensure that you lose no existing mail.

The subscribed groups are stored in the *.rc file (i.e. The complete news server groups list is stored in hostinfo.dat (e.g. \News\\hostinfo.dat). *.msf files store message summaries. To back up news, save the *.rc, and *.dat files.

This is not always successful, and often it is necessary to resubscribe to your Newsgroups.

Address book:
Open the Netscape Address Book
Export all Address Books as an LDIF File
Save to your Backup Folder
Browse to your Profile\profilename\*.slt Folder
Save: abook.mab (personal address book)
history.mab (collected addresses) if you use the Collected Addresses
Save all *.mab files, if you have multiple Address Books

bookmarks.html file

User Name and Passwords:
somenumber.s (Password data)

Form Fill
somenumber.w (Form Fill data)



User Customization files
(Only if you have created these files, and added your own customizations)

It is recommended that you do NOT back up the following files:

Cache Folder

Reusing these files could cause Netscape to either crash, or to malfunction.

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