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Welcome Screen

License Agreement

STEP 1. Select "Custom"     Click on the Browse Tab to change the "Destination
Directory". Note that the path is C:\Netscape 7.2, and NOT
C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape
If you plan on keeping Netscape 7.1, then it is important that you do not install
Netscape 7.2 in the same directory/folder as Netscape 7.1. If you do, you
will be unable to UNinstall Netscape 7.1.

If you don't plan to keep Netscape 7.1, the below Screen Shot shows the
default directory, which is preselected.

If you opted to install Netscape 7.2 in the same directory/folder as
Netscape 7.1, you will receive this warning dialog:

STEP 2. Note: these 3 items are required. NIM (Netscape Instant Messaging)
must be installed, in order to use Netscape WebMail

STEP 3. Additional Components - Deselect all, as it is preferable
to install the programs separately.

STEP 4. Confirming Program Folder

STEP 5. Activate Quick Launch

STEP 6. Option to: "Make Netscape My Home Page"

STEP 7a. Review of all components you selected.

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