How to Add Your Search Engine to the New NetscapeToolbar Netscape 7.2

The NetscapeToolbar comes bundled with the new release of Netscape 7.2. It is pre-configured with the Netscape search engine, and several additional pre-configured "buttons".

You can, however, change the default Netscape search engine by editing the "netscapetoolbar.rdf" file in the active profile *.slt directory.

Here's how:

  • Close Netscape
  • In your profile *.slt folder, open "netscapetoolbar.rdf" in Wordpad, or your favorite text editor
  • Click on Edit | Find, and search the file for this text:
  • Change the URL to:
  • Save and close

  • Thanks, and credit, to Chris Ilias for this tip.

    This will set "Google" as the default search engine for the NetscapeToolbar only. It will not affect the search engine for the main toolbar. That must be set through Edit | Preferences | Navigator | Internet Search, UI.

    Most of the remaining Button functions can also be changed/edited in the "netscapetoolbar.rdf".

    On the Netscape Toolbar, to the far left, click on the drop down menu on the "Netscape" tab, and select "Options". At the bottom of the "Options" window, in the "Toolbar Buttons" display box, you will find a list of available "Buttons". Note the name of the button that you want to change. See this Screen Shot

    Lets assume that you want to change the "jobsearch" button to point to the "NETSCAPE & MOZILLA SOLUTIONS" site.

    Close all instances of Netscape - including Quick Launch - AIM - everything.....


    Open the "netscapetoolbar.rdf" file in a plain text editor, search for "jobsearch".

    The results will be this entry:
                         ns:label="Job Search"
              ns:tooltip="Job Search"
    edit the
              ns:url= as follows:

             ns:button RDF:about="urn:x-netscape-toolbar:buttons:jobsearch"

    ns:button RDF:about="urn:x-netscape-toolbar:buttons:jobsearch"

    Changing the Image requires a hack into the chrome folder and is more trouble than it is worth.

    Save the "netscapetoolbar.rdf" file, and exit.
    Restart Netscape

    With the up/down buttons, position the entry where you want it displayed.
    See this Screen Shot

    In the "NetscapeToolbar" Options, you should now have an entry "Ramona".
    See this Screen Shot

    Continue these steps to adjust any of the remaining buttons that you want to change.

    For further information on the Netscape 7.2 Search feature, see: Netscape 7.2 Search and How It Works


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