Netscape 7.1 doesn't sync mail with PDA

I am posting the main sequences of the above BBS Thread, as this persistent, and innovative user went on to debug, and solve the PDA Mail Sync issue first posted. Following is the problem, and the solution:


2nd November 2003 16:26

I cannot get Netscape 7.1 Mail to work when my PDA tries to sync mail. It works with Netscape 4.8 just fine. The email I write on the PDA disappears into the ether. During the sync, Netscape will open up, but no mail is sent and the inbox is not downloaded to the PDA. So it's talking to Netscape, but not telling it all the right things to do.

I'm using Windows98 and it's a Sony Clie PEG-SL10. I spent 1 hrs on the phone with Sony and they said the problem is Netscape. I can't afford to get Netscape help.

What is it about how Netscape 7.1 handles MAPI devices that is different than Netscape 4.8? I can send email from Word or Excel just fine with NS 7.1. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I used to be a C programmer, so it's driving me crazy that I could figure this out, if I knew how to debug in this environment.

I can get my Clie to sync with Netscape 4.8 just fine. I can switch to NS 7.1, then email sync stops working, altho NS 7.1 will open up (if not already open). And then switch back to NS 4.8, and the mail sync works fine. By "switch back" I mean that in NS 4.8, I check "Use Netscape Messenger from MAPI-based applications," and in NS 7.1, I check "Use Netscape Mail as the default mail application."

I spent 1 hours on the phone with Sony technical support, kept getting escalated to the top technical people, and they could not figure out what was wrong.

Since it works with NS 4.8 and not with NS 7.1, it seems there's something wrong in the interface with NS 7.1. No one at Sony is willing to look at it, so I'm trying to figure it out myself. It could be that the Clie is using the wrong MAPI library or something (I found a *ton* of them), but I don't know how to proceed. I don't know how to debug in this environment -- I need guidance.

A. J. Ramsay


9th November 2003 14:12

Workaround for syncing Palm Mail with Netscape 7.1

This is my version of the workaround at for making Palm sync work with Netscape 7.1 (or Mozilla).

Why do this?

Although you're using Netscape 4.x for the sync process, you otherwise can use Netscape 7.1 for all your email activity.


(1) Whenever you sync your PDA, the profile manager for Netscape 4.x opens up (and you need to click to continue), although Netscape 4.x closes later. If you have Netscape 4.x open already, no problem.
(2) Netscape 4.x is your default email client for things like Word and Excel, when you do File->Send to->Mail Recipient. I never use that feature myself, so it's not a biggy to me, but it is a side effect of this workaround.

My System (A. J. Ramsay's)

* Windows 98
* Palm Desktop 4.0.1
* Sony Clie PEG-SL10 (Palm OS 4.1)
* Netscape 7.1
* Netscape 4.8 (Yes, you need this too!)

This probably works on other versions of Windows, other versions of Palm OS, and back to Netscape 6, or Mozilla, but I can't test those things.

I think that the Netscape 4.8 part will work with Netscape 4.5 or greater (at least that's what the Mail Setup for the Palm says).


Use this your own RISK! I WILL NOT be held responsible for any lost data, etc., etc.

Before starting, if you have already been using Netscape 4.x or 7.1 or whatever for your email, save valuable emails in files, because you will most likely lose track of them. I had used both 4.x and 7.1 before doing this and lost some emails in the process. Fortunately, I had saved them in files, so it was not a problem.

On to the procedure:

  1. (Netscape 4.5 or greater users) Install Netscape 7 or Mozilla. Upgrade the data files to Netscape 7 Format. If you are using less than Netscape 4.5, then better upgrade to 4.5 or higher.

  2. (Mozilla/Netscape 7.x users) Download and install Netscape 4.8.

  3. Activate Netscape 4.x. If needed, create a dummy Netscape account.

  4. Click on Edit. Click Preferences. Expand the Mail & News item.

  5. Choose the Mail Servers item.

  6. Under the local mail directory, click the choose button. Navigate to your profile's directory, and select the mail folder inside it. The directory should be similar to:
    C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\profilename\\Mail
    (See this link for Profiles Folder Location)

  7. For this step, it helps if you have some idea of where the Netscape (or Mozilla) mail directories are. I had a few directories leftover from defunct email accounts, which caused me quite a bit of confusion. So you may need to experiment before you find the right directory. You can peruse your Netscape 7.1 Mail & Newsgroups set-up dialogs to familiarize yourself with the directories used.

  8. If you wish new messages to be retrieved during sync, enter your mail server information. You will also need to configure the filters separately if you want them to work. I also checked the option of "Remember password" so I didn't have to enter it so often.

  9. Exit Preferences and restart Netscape 7.1 (or Mozilla). Click "No" if it asks if you want Netscape 7.1 to be your default mail application.

  10. Open up the Netscape 7.1 Mail & Newsgroups view, and check if your mail folders are there. Don't worry if there are extra .msf folders. Just ignore those. If you are missing folders, you probably selected the wrong directory.

  11. If you folders are there, close Netscape 7.1 and go to your Palm Desktop Mail Setup tool (with mine there are a variety of ways to get there, so you may need to consult Help).

  12. Choose Netscape Communicator 4.5 and higher. Exit the setup.

  13. Go to your HotSync custom dialog (available in the Palm Desktop under HotSync, or by right-clicking the HotSync icon in Window's tray). Click on the Mail Conduit. Choose syncing mode of your choice, and check the default box.

  14. Connect your Palm device, and open up your HotSync tool. Go to its conduit setup (click upper right hand corner), and make sure the box next to Mail is checked.

  15. HotSync away!

Credits to: A. J. Ramsay

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