Netscape 7, and Mozilla Bookmarks File is Corrupt, Bookmarks Disappeared

Check to ensure that in the bookmarks.html file properties, file attributes have not been changed to "Read Only":
(Right click the file and select "Properties")

If you have a "good" backup of the bookmarks.html file, then rename the existing file to Xbookmarks.html. Replace it with the backup of the "good" bookmarks.html file.

If no joy, then try the below workaround:

Close Netscape and Quick Launch:
Navigate to the *.slt folder
(Profile Folder Location)
Rename the bookmarks.html file to Xbookmarks.html
Open Netscape
A pristine copy of bookmarks.html will be created
To ensure that the new file is working, add a bookmark
If this works, then open the Bookmark Manager
Click on Tools | Import
Import the Xbookmarks.html file
Your bookmarks should be restored

If the Personal Toolbar is no longer viewable:

Open the Bookmark Manager and highlight any bookmark folder
  (It doesn't matter which folder you select)

Click on: View
Select: Set as Personal Toolbar Folder
Close the Bookmark Manager

Open the Bookmark Manager, and highlight the Personal Toolbar
Click on View, and Select: Set as Personal Toolbar

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