Migrate Netscape 4.8 Profile to Thunderbird

1. Run Netscape Messenger 4.8
2. Click on the "Communicator Tab", then select: "Address Book"
3. Once you have opened the Address Book, click on the Address Book you
    wish to move to Thunderbird. Next, click on the "File" menu, and select "Export".
4. You will then get an "Export As" window. In the "Save In" bar at the top, (this is
    where you are going to save the file). Select a folder on the hard drive that will be
    easy to remember. The Local Disk (C:) would be best.
5. Give the file a name that will be easy for you to remember.
6. Use the "Save as" file type/extension, "LDIF" (addressbook.ldif)
7. Next: click on "Save".
8. Repeat these steps for each additional Address Book you wish to import to Thunderbird.

Importing into Thunderbird

1. First, run Thunderbird mail program.
2. Click on the Tools menu and then click on Import.
3. You will now see an Import window on the screen.
4. Make sure "Address Books" is selected and then click: "Next"
5. You will be given a choice of what to import. Select:     "Text File (LDIF, tab, csv, txt)", and click on "Next"
6. Now Thunderbird will ask for the location of the file is you wish to import.
    Navigate to the folder on the hard drive where you saved the *.ldif file.
7. Browse to that folder, and you should see the name(s) of the files you exported from Netscape.
8. Select the name of the address book you wish to import and click: "Open".
9. You will see an activity bar indicating that the import is taking place.
10. When the import is complete, click: "Finish".
11. Repeat these steps for each address book you wish to import into Thunderbird.

Once you have imported all Address Books into Thunderbird, you can rename them if you would like to make the names more meaningful. This is done by clicking on the address book icon in Thunderbird. Once inside the Address Book, you can select an address book, and click on "Properties". This will allow you to change the name of the address books.

Local Mail

1. Close Netscape, and open Windows Explorer, and browse to the Mail folder located here:
    C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\username\Mail
2. Make a backup copy of the Mail folder before editing
3. Delete all files in the Mail folder with the SNM extension, i.e., Inbox.msf, Sent.msf, etc.
4. Next: rename the files without the SNM extension to: Inbox2, Sent2, Templates2, etc.
5. Copy the renamed files to the Thunderbird Mail Account folder located here:
C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\profile_name\Mail\pop.ispname.net
6. Follow the same process for each Mail Account
7. Open Thunderbird and ensure that your Messenger Local Folders are intact.

Once you are satisfied that you have your address books,and local mail migrated successfully (possibly a week or so after the migration), you should remove Netscape 4.x by running Start/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs. Once that is completed you can delete the C:/Program Files/Netscape folder and all folders under that.

NOTE: if you plan to also install Firefox, don't delete Netscape until you have migrated the Netscape Profile data to Firefox.

If you have problems, then post your questions on the:

WindowsBBS Netscape and Mozilla Forum.
I'm the Moderator on the Forum, and along with the other informed Netscape and Mozilla users and members,
will be happy to provide you with any further assistance you might require.


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