This Folder is Being Processed Error Netscape & Mozilla

If you are receiving this error when trying to access your messages:
"This folder is being processed. Please wait until processing is completed to get messages."
Follow the below guideline in order to be able to access your messages again:

Close Netscape or Mozilla, and Quick Launch
Open Windows Explorer
Navigate to your Profiles Folder Location
Open the Mail Account folder and delete the files with an "MSF" extension.
Do not delete files without "MSF" extensions, as these files contain your mail.

If still no joy:
Open Netscape or Mozilla, and go to your ISP's webmail interface
Delete all spam, or any other suspicious looking messages, especially from Taiwan, or similar.

I saw this explanation of the "Processing Error" posted by Ed Mullen, Mozilla Champion, on the Netscape 7 Newsgroup. I thought it appropriate to post it here, even though it is specific to Comcast ISP:

"The "process" is the program trying to read/write the index file when you open the mail client, when you access a mail folder, download of new messages, etc. If it's corrupted, that can be the cause of the endless processing.

Index corruption can be caused by unexpected termination of the program by the OS, or by disk drive failure, or by the user turning off power before the application has terminated completely, or, of course, by a power failure.

Close Mozilla Mail. Use Mozilla browser to access your email via the Comcast Web interface, look for a message in your Inbox with "Unknown" in the sender column and nothing in the Subject column. Delete it. Log out. Go back to Mozilla mail and try again.

Ed Mullen - Mozilla Champion"

If you continue to have problems, then post your questions on the:
WindowsBBS Netscape and Mozilla Forum.
or the:
SillyDog701 Netscape and Mozilla Forum.
I'm a Moderator on the Forums, and along with the other informed Netscape and Mozilla users and members,
will be happy to provide you with any further assistance you might require.


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