The Profile In Use Bug

Excerpts from the Mozilla Firefox Knowledge Base
Browser will not start up:

If Firefox used to work correctly, but it no longer starts when you try to run it, then this article may help. Before deleting anything, please back up your profile.

If you receive the "profile is in use" error when trying to launch the application, this means the profile is locked.

When Firefox is in use, it locks the active profile to keep other programs from altering the contents or causing conflicts. This lock is normally transparent to the user, but sometimes the profile remains locked when it's not expected. Thus, if you launch the application and the Profile Manager says that your profile is already "in use", it's telling you that the profile is locked.

At this point check the Task Manager  (CTRL+ALT+DEL)  and look for firefox.exe, highlight, and End Task, or End Process. Note that firefox.exe may be listed more than once.

If Firefox still doesn't start, check the profile for the "parent.lock" file. If the file is listed, delete the file in order to end the locked profile process. Further explanation below.

If neither of the workarounds solve the locked process, create a new Profile for Firefox.

This problem can occur for several different reasons:

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