Firefox Lost Bookmarks

If you launch Firefox, and discover that your Bookmarks are missing, or your entire Profile:

Look in your Firefox Profiles Folder, and check to see if a new Profile folder has been added
(See this page for: Profile Folder Location)

How many Profiles are listed? If there is more than one Profile, then your Bookmarks are most likely still located in the profile you were using previously.

If you do have multiple profiles, then start Firefox using the original profile.

You can do so by right clicking on the Firefox Desktop shortcut
Select: Properties
Click on the Shortcut Tab
To the end of the Location field, add one space, then -p
"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox\firefox.exe" -p
This will open the Profile Manager

Try each of the profiles and hopefully you'll find the Profile with the original bookmarks.html file.

If you find the original Profile with all the appropriate files, then in addition to the -p you have added to the Desktop Shortcut:
Add one space after -p then type the Profile name which contains the appropriate files.
It will be similar to: "C:\Program Files\firefox\firefox.exe" -p profilename

The Profile Name will be what follows the random characters, e.g., abd23kl8.ramona

I would also strongly advise making frequent backups of your Profiles folder. In the event Windows should hiccup, freeze, or should a reformat be necessary, you won't have to worry about losing any of your Firefox Profile data.
See: Preventive Browser Maintenance

Firefox 1.5 creates daily bookmark backups and stores the five most recent bookmarks backup files in the "bookmarkbackups" folder, located inside the Firefox profile folder. You can restore your bookmarks in Firefox 1.5 using either one of these workaround:

1. Replace the current "bookmarks.html" file in the profile folder with a renamed bookmark backup:

          a. Close Firefox
          b. Rename the "bookmarks.html" file in the profile folder to "Xbookmarks.html".
          c. Copy one of the bookmarks backup files to the profile folder and rename it "bookmarks.html".
          d. Restart Firefox

2. Import one of the bookmarks-(date).html backup files using the Firefox Bookmarks Manager ("Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> File -> Import... -> from File"). You can then move the imported Bookmarks Toolbar Folder contents, if you wish, to the current Bookmarks Toolbar

Do not close Firefox
Check the Recycle Bin
Do a Windows "Find" for bookmarks.html for a current or any copy of the file If found, copy the file to a backup folder or any safe folder on your HDD
Close Firefox, then copy the found bookmarks.html folder to the salted folder. First rename the existing, bookmarks.html folder to Xbookmarks.html

I have a batch file which I use to back up my Bookmarks, even though I have moved my Bookmarks from the Profile. I have multiple browser and multiple Profiles, and wish to share the Bookmarks between them.

NOTE: this is important  -  the batch file does not work on Windows 2000 or XP. It is for Windows 98S and 98SE:


:: bkmark.bat

xcopy "C:\Bookmarks\" C:\BUFirefox\Bookmarks\ /s /q /h /e


Copy the two lines above to Notepad, and save it as *.bat. Use any name you wish, and then save the file to the folder where you plan to file the backups. As you can see, I named the batch file bkmark.bat. If you don't want to share your bookmarks.html file, then create a folder on the root directory for the backups, e.g., C:\Bookmark Backups.

This batch file copies my bookmarks.html file which is located in:
C:\Bookmarks, and places the copy in C:\BUFirefox\Bookmarks

Overkill? Sure, but this is an accumulation of bookmarks collected over the last 8 years, and to lose them would be fate worse than death!

If you're interested in moving your bookmarks.html file out of your Profiles folder, see this Solution:
Share the bookmarks.html File Between Browsers/Profiles

Even though originally targeted for Netscape and Mozilla, the Solution also works for Firefox.

If you have problems, then post your questions on the:

WindowsBBS Netscape and Mozilla Forum.
I'm a Moderator on the Forum, and along with the other informed Netscape and Mozilla users and members,
will be happy to provide you with any further assistance you might require.


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