To create a new profile....

Close Netscape/Mozilla

Back up the Profiles Folder:
See: Profiles Folder Location

Next, go to:

Open the Profile Manager and create a NEW Profile, entering a NEW PROFILE NAME. Click "Finish" and open Netscape/Mozilla.

Create the Mail, and Newsgroup Accounts
Open a web page which requires you to enter your password, this will create a password file, e.g., 12345678.s
Follow the same procedure for somenumbers.w (Fill Form Data) Close Netscape/Mozilla

Open Windows Explorer and in the NEW Profile Folder:
NOTE: If it asks to overwrite the files click YES.)

Copy these files only from the OLD profile, and paste into the NEW profile:
Mail files (Inbox, Sent, etc., without the msf extension)
Mail Filters (rules.dat) (How to Edit the rules.dat file)
Copy all SBD folders to the NEW Mail folder (These are the subfolders)
Delete files in the subfolders with .msf extensions

Caution: these files will replace any existing files in the new Mail folder (if any). You may first want to rename the Mail files, e.g., rename Inbox to OldInbox, etc. The renamed files will appear in the Netscape/Mozilla Mail. This will ensure that you lose no existing mail.

***abook.mab (Address Book)   (Note: Export abook.mab as an LDIF File as an added precaution.)
cert7 or 8.db (Security Certificates - Email Signing user certificate)
cookperm.txt (cookie and image permissions)
custom.dic (Dictionary)
history.mab (Collected Addresses)
hostperm.1 (Supersedes cookperm.txt in older versions)
key3.db (Key Database - Certificates, Passwords, etc.)
panels.rdf (Panel displayed in the Sidebar)
persdict.dat (Mozilla Dictionary)
search.rdf (Search Plugins in the Sidebar)
training.dat (Junk Mail training data)
user.js (If you have created the file, if not disregard.)
usercontent.css (If you have created the file, if not disregard.)
userchrome.css (If you have created the file, if not disregard.)

Now that you have created a password file, e.g., 12345678.s
Next: copy the somenumber.s password file from the OLD salted folder, to the new salted folder.
Rename the newly created password file to X12345678.s
Rename the OLD password file to 12345678.s

Follow the same procedure for somenumbers.w (Fill Form Data)

***If you had created Address Books in the old Profile, in addition to the Personal Address Book, follow this procedure:

Open Netscape/Mozilla, and the Address Book
Create a new Address Book for each of the additional Address Books which you created in your OLD Profile.
   What you name them is irrelevant...

Close Netscape/Mozilla
Go to your salted (*.slt) folder

You should now see the new Address Books you just created, listed in the NEW salted folder. They will be listed as abook-1.mab, abook-2.mab, abook-3.mab, etc.

With Netscape/Mozilla still closed:
In the OLD Profile
Copy abook-1.mab to the NEW Profile salted (*.slt) folder
Answer YES when asked to replace the existing file of the same name
Repeat the process for each additional Address Book

When you open Netscape/Mozilla and the Address Book, the additional Address Books containing
the addresses should be in place.

Next: Open Netscape/Mozilla:

Check to ensure that your Preferences are established, Bookmarks, etc,. You will still need to go through the Edit | Preferences, and change some of the defaults to your personal preferences, e.g., the Sidebar, startup page, etc. When upgrading there are new Preferences which you may wish to enable.

Updated: 08/23/04

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