Can't Uninstall Netscape 7.1 After Installing Netscape 7.2

If you installed Netscape 7.2 over the existing Netscape 7.1, you will be unable to uninstall Netscape 7.1 through Add/Remove. You will get this error dialog:   Screen Shot

Reinstalling Netscape 7.1 over the existing install will be futile. Even though it will allow you to uninstall Netscape 7.1, you will then be unable to uninstall Netscape 7.2 through Add/Remove, as Netscape 7.2 will have an ineffectual Add/Remove entry. End result will be that both browsers must be installed, and you must then reinstall Netscape 7.1 and Netscape 7.2 into separate directories. If you uninstall Netscape 7.2 first then both Netscape 7.2 and Netscape 7.1 will be removed, including both Add/Remove entries.

Note: during the install of Netscape 7.2, there is a "Warning" dialog that comes up, if you are installing the program in the same directory as Netscape 7.1.   Screen Shot.   This is when you should back up to the Netscape Setup - Setup Type window, and change the "Destination Directory" to C:\Netscape 7.2, or else abort the install entirely, and uninstall Netscape 7.1.
See: Netscape 7.2 Custom Install

This is what happens: When Netscape 7.2 is installed over an existing Netscape 7.1, or in the same Directory, it uninstalls the C:\Program Files\Common Files\\GRE\1.4f_2003062408 folder, and the Registry Key for 7.1b1[en] Uninstall Log Folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Netscape. This is when the "No Uninstall Log" error dialog is seen, and which makes it impossible to uninstall Netscape 7.1. It leaves an leaves an ineffectual entry in Add/Remove for Netscape 7.1.

You may be able to replace the 7.1 Registry Key by reinstalling 7.1 over itself,   BUT   when you uninstall 7.1 using Add/Remove, then 7.2 will have the ineffectual entry in Add/Remove.

What I am strongly recommending, is to uninstall 7.2 first using Add/Remove, and that will remove both 7.1 and 7.2, including the Add/Remove entries for 7.1 and 7.2.


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